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Martial Arts Training in Las Cruces

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Stay Safe In Any Situation With Our Martial Arts Training


Black Belt Club

Our Black Belt Club at Guzman Martial Arts teach hand-eye coordination, heightened reflexes, and discipline to students from all over Las Cruces. Through training to defend yourself from multiple attackers, armed attackers, and practical self defense techniques, you can develop robust physical fitness, a stronger core, and connect with new friends and mentors from across our community. Our Black Belt Club is by invitation only, but we're always looking for the next student to prove themselves!

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What Can You Expect in Black Belt Club?

Black Belt Club introduces some of our most advanced students to the world of self defense training. Self Defense training is a great way to gain an all-around skill set and improve your body control, balance, and coordination. Our professional instructors at Guzman Martial Arts will help you learn how to protect yourself from a diverse array of weapons, all in a safe and supportive environment where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can thrive.

Get started right here in Las Cruces and see the benefits for yourself!

When you take on self defense training, you gain:
  • An all-around fitness routine that's fun and dynamic
  • Insight into how to defend yourself in tough situations
  • Sharper focus, better balance, and improved body control
  • A supportive and uplifting community to encourage you

Self Defense training is one of the most unique ways to challenge yourself and improve your fitness. Join us at Guzman Martial Arts and take on dynamic, exciting, high-energy training close to home!

Join Us in Las Cruces For Self Defense Training!

No matter whether you're new to Martial Arts or a veteran of self defense classes, our team at Guzman Martial Arts can help you build fitness, sharpen your focus, and establish harmony between your mind and body. Join us for your first class today and discover the most unique way to train in Las Cruces!

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Whether you're hoping to safely handle your own weapon for self-protection or your goal is to be prepared for self-defense against an armed attacker, we have you covered here at Guzman Martial Arts. 

As the next level to our Black Belt Club, our GXMA Training program is designed to help you gain an extreme comfort level with weapons, open-hand katas, and tricking.

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Why Is Our Guzman Extreme Martial Arts Program Right For You?

At Guzman Martial Arts, we're working hard to keep you safe in any situation - and our GXMA program does just that. With the help of our professional instructors, you can learn how to remain calm and confident in the presence of a weapon and stay out of harm's way with the help of a core set of strategies. 

From learning double nunachaku, advanced bo-staff, extreme sword trainining, and advanced sparring, Guzman Martial Arts is Las Cruces' top resource for martial arts training.

Join us today for:

  • Advanced Kata for heightened control
  • Self-defense tactics for any armed opponent
  • Complete self-confidence in all aspects of life

Take The First Step Today! Join Us For The Best Martial Arts Training In Las Cruces!

If you're looking for professional guidance when it comes to extreme Martial Arts training, we've got the answer.

At Guzman Martial Arts, we're committed to helping Las Cruces stay safe - and our GXMA Training program is one more step in that ongoing effort. 

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